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Profile was born in July 2005 as an Information Technology company, making reality the project and dream of a young keen on technology, who since 1985 wrote his BASIC programs on CP/M under the 'Texsoft' mark. makes real the experience, study and passion built in 20 years of activity in the field of Information Technology, with knowledge of CP/M, MS-DOS™, OS/2™, Windows™ and Linux systems, of many programming languages and programming environments (BASIC, Pascal, Assembler x86 e 680x0, dBase™/Clipper™, C, C++, Visual Basic™, Access™, Java, PHP) and with a good experience on hardware too.

Since 2000, also thanks to the collaboration and enduring friendship with JTech, a big effort has been made towards the development of client/server applications, with the use of the latest Java technology on a n-Tier architecture to realize WEB programs.


Today's goal of is to go on with its current collaborations, and meanwhile to offer the development of custom applications to small and medium business companies, caring for the real needs of the customers, with high quality products and attention to the costs. also looks to the future, with the determination and enthusiasm that a company involved into the exciting and fast moving world of Information Technology must have. It also has a special interest in the world of Open Source, to contribute to the community of developers of open software.

The force of is a work made with passion, with attention to details and to the quality of the products.