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Currently i'm working on a project codenamed MPL.

What is MPL ?

MPL (should stand for Micro Persistent Layer) is a collection of Java classes that implements a simple persistence layer that can be interfaced with SQL servers to access relational data in a clean object oriented style (tested with MySQL and PostgreSQL).

The MPL Editor

The main focus in the current developement phase is on the visual editor for the MPL definition files. The MPL definitions are stored as XML files and the MPL editor allows a simple and fast way to edit persistent objects definitions and relations between persistent objects in visual way.

Actually the start point of the whole project was the editor itself, which has born as a visual editing tool for the JTech JTFC classes. I started to develope MPL just as a really simple persistence layer to be used for debugging pourposes during the developement of the editor. Going on, MPL became more than a simple set of classes, targeting the developement of standalone and LAN database application (with SQL server(s) and a set of network client programs running in local network), while JTFC is more targeted on an enterprise and server centric developement paradigm. Once complete, the editor will also have JTFC support, as the original goal was.

Current status

The editor is being developed as a plug-in for the NetBeans Java IDE, but its implementation allows migration to other environements or to a stand alone Java application.

Currently the project is still into very alpha phase, even if i have some simple applications based on MPL (one of them manages a table with more than 9.000.000 records on a MySQL server).


Persistence class editor in NetBeans.
Relation editor, working prototype.
2003-10-01 - Linux.
Relation editor, working prototype.
2003-10-02 - Linux.
Relation editor, working prototype.
2003-10-03 - Linux.